Hi, I’m Maks!

I hope you find this site helpful. This is me in the oldest cinema in my hometown where I’ve been implementing first in town internet booking system from scratch.

Here are my various contact details if you’d like to get in touch.

i at this domain

Need a Good Sysadmin/DevOps?

I’m a consultant in system administration. You can hire me to build your infrastructure, implement CI/CD for admins or make monitoring for your apps. My areas of expertise are:

  • Configuration management
    Puppet, r10k, hiera
  • Monitoring
    Zabbix, Prometheus
  • Cluster management services
    DCOS, Mesos and Marathon
  • CI/CD
    Jenkins, TeamCity, GitLab CI
  • Programming/scripting
    Bash, JS(Node.JS), Golang, PHP
  • Other interesting things:
    Docker, Logstash, Elasticsearch, Kibana

Drop me an email or use the form below to talk about how I can help with your project.